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Lake Street Dive - I first heard this band in the Summer of 2012 and they have become an instant obsession. I just love the quality of their sound and how loose, relaxed and natural it feels. Vocalist Rachael Price, bassist Bridgett Kearney, drummer Mike Calabrese, and trumpet dude, Mike Olson are former students of the New England Conservatory and are laying down some of the sweetest Indie Pop around. Regardless of your coastal persuasion, I think you're going to really enjoy these brilliant and fresh Easterners. For more info on the group, their bios, their touring schedule (not coming out West, dammit!) and to hear more of their wonderful cover recordings and origianl materials, visit their website. Check them out.


The Songwriting School of Los Angeles LogoAn oasis of knowledge, inspiration and empowerment on the corner of Magnolia Boulevard and Maple Street in Burbank, California, Rob Seals' The Songwriting School of Los Angeles is THE place to go to discover your songwriting abilities, sharpen your skills or refine your talents. Some of the finest songwriters, musicians and music administrators in the music business lend their hearts, minds and experience to the ever-growing faculty . . top tier songwriting and musical talent like Alan Roy Scott, Tim Fagan, John Keller, Jay Asher, Clay Drayton, Michael Goodrich, Paul Zollo and Eric Griggs and some guy named Cody, are among the notables who are currently teaching at the school. Click here to visit online and to enroll in classes.