the-hits-picTHE HITS: This section is dedicated to all my new friends, who weren't born until after these songs had become an echo in pop culture's memory. While I have no great urge to relive the past, I don't want to forget it, either. And why not? These seven tunes changed my life in very significant ways and were important to lots of folks who continue to love them and listen to them and cover them way past their use-by date. These tunes did remarkably well in their time and continue to be played, collected and talked about. I am proud to present them here, together, for the first time.

the-latest-picTHE LATEST - Here’s where you’ll find the newest and most recent music. It could be a full, studio demo or just something quickly scratched out on my Voice Memo app. My plan is to make this a living and evolving album . . . a continuing collection of my new recorded songs that will trace their growth from idea to finished product. So, check back here from time to time to see what’s new or fill out the Contact form and request updates, via email.




THE VAULT – Everything else goes here . . . the good, the bad the ugly, the near misses, the misfits and rejects, the unfinished masterpieces, the utter failures. If you’ve never heard of it before then you’ll probably find it here. Perversely, this is my favorite area on the site. I love these songs and I have no shame about inflicting them on the public. There’s a lot of moldy oldies down here so be sure to dress accordingly. 

solitairet-pic-nbSOLITAIRE - At first, I was just going to post only a half dozen or so of the most significant covers of the song, but I  got a bit carried away and went looking for every cover I could possibly find. iTunes and YouTube netted me 25 covers to add to the six I had already  on CD and, rather than exercise anything that folks could possibly misinterpret  as editorial discretion, I decided it would be fun to post them all.  There's no rhyme or reason to the order in which these recordings appear on the list, other than Sedaka's version, by virtue of being the original, gets to go first, followed by the more well known artists and ending with what I consider the oddest or funniest renditions.