Hit Songs


This section is dedicated to all my new friends, who weren't born until after these songs had become an echo in pop culture's memory. While I have no great urge to relive the past, I don't want to forget it, either. And why not? These seven tunes changed my life in very significant ways and were important to lots of folks who continue to love them and listen to them and cover them way past their use-by date. These tunes did remarkably well in their time and continue to be played, collected and talked about. I am proud to present them here, together, for the first time.


Words and music by Philip Cody and Neil Sedaka - The number one song in America in February of 1975


Of the 99 or so covers of this tune, this is my favorite


Another Sedaka/Cody opus from the 1975 album, Sedaka's Back. Released as a single after Laughter In The Rain, it made a modest showing as a number one single on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart.


Neil Sedaka and Elton John's million selling duet from Neil's 2nd Rocket album "The Hungry Years"


The last single Huey Lewis and the News released from their double platinum album, FORE . . . co-written with the lovely and talented Mike Duke in the early 80s.

Written by B. Andersson, Stig Anderson, B. Ulvaeus, Neil Sedaka, Phil Cody Released 1973 When Sedaka introduced me to this project he said something like, "hey! These kids are gonna be huge" and I thought, "sure, that's what they say about everybody. And, sure enough, ABBA turned out to be huge and it's fun to have been part of that at the very beginning.


Neil and I originally wrote this song back in 1978 as "Should've Never Let Her Go," changing the title in 1980 to accommodate its presentation as a duet. This may be my favorite Sedaka/Cody song. Or something else - it was a long time ago . . .