Copy of The Vault


Everything else goes here . . . the good, the bad the ugly, the near misses, the misfits and rejects, the unfinished masterpieces, the utter failures. If you’ve never heard of it before then you’ll probably find it here. Perversely, this is my favorite area on the site. I love these songs and I have no shame about inflicting them on the public. There’s a lot of moldy oldies down here so be sure to dress accordingly.

Written by Philip Cody and Ken Hirsch Vocals by Tony Warren Ken Hirsch and I wrote this song as a submission for the movie, Ghost Busters II. If you've seen the movie, you'll realize that this song is nowhere in it. Too bad! I thought it was perfect. I also thought that the late Tony Warren did a brilliant job on the vocals

Written by Philip Cody and Peter Roberts Produced by Peter Roberts and Philip Cody Vocals by Lisa Frazier. I enjoyed working with Peter Roberts. The Austrian born writer, producer and guitarist brought a huge amount of enrgy and some very strange perspectives to whatever project we were engaged in.

Written by Philip Cody and Ted Perlman Performed by Kellie Coffey - a stange little number that's not quite country and not quite ready for prime time, but I love it just the same and I always enjoy working with Ted and Kellie

Written by Philip Cody and Ken Hirsch Vocals by: Michael Coughlin Produced by: Philip Cody, Ken Hirsch and Mark Hugenberger Arranged and Engineered by: Mark Hugenberger

Written by Philip Cody and John Glaser. If there is anything, akin to a one-night-stanhd in songwriting, the one song collaboration has got to be it. I really like this song and would have liked to have written more like it

1994 Written by Philip Cody, Ken Hirsch and Ted Perlman Vocals by Kimaya Seward. My writing partners and I did three different demos of this song, over the course of a couple of years. This is the first one we did and the one I like best